Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome to Once a Cub...

Welcome to Once a Cub...!

I started off as a card collector and moved on to autographs and memorabilia while still maintaining my card collection. I'm always interested in trading and buying Cubs stuff and I hope to get a wantlist and tradelist on here in the future.

My favorite player growing up was Ryne Sandberg and I enjoy reading sports biographies (and autobiographies although I know most of them are ghost written) so some of you may know me by my username on many sites: rynobooks.

I'm a lifelong Cubs fan but have recently become interested in the teams of the past. I designed the cards in my header and a new passion of mine has been making a custom All-Time Cubs Roster set. It is definitely a labor of love because even with a template, each card (front and back) can take about an hour or more. That includes cutting the player photo out of a background, compiling the statistics while with the Cubs and writing a small blurb about each player.

I hope to post once a day or at least several times a week, even if its just to show of a card from that set so please bear with me while I get a handle on things. Thanks for reading!


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