Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sandberg Sunday

Everybody who has collected cards at some point has probably seen Ryne Sandberg's run of the mill base cards. I literally have thousands of his cards and I'm pretty sure several hundred different variations that have been produced over the years. One of the other reasons I wanted to start this blog was to get more organized, which definitely includes the Sandberg collection so I won't end up intentionally buying duplicates.

However, I do know, that this is the card that I have paid the most for in my collecting history. And considering it it does not have an autograph or relic seems a little ridiculous. However, it is a 1/1.

I present to you, the 2011 Ryne Sandberg Canary 1/1 card:

Note the 1/1 designation just below the sliding runners helmet, above his nameplate. Here is the back which seems to be the same as the base version.

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