Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ATCRCS - Don Kessinger

I can't really explain it but Don Kessinger is one of my favorite Cubs despite him finishing his playing career before I was born. Here's a better shot of the front that you've already seen in the header:
This was one of my first that I had made and looking back on the player cutout makes me cringe a little. When I started making the cards I had absolutely no Photoshop experience and taught myself using Google searches and Youtube tutorials. I should have cleaned up the edges a little bit more and maybe I'll eventually go back to fix it up but I'll leave it for now to show how far I've come.

With credentials like Kessinger's, writing the blurbs on the back are a whole lot easier than guys that just had a cup of coffee with the team. Sometimes I have to really dig deep into some box scores and pull out a game-winning hit or run. Luckily, Kessinger won some major awards and it only took a minor search to discover he also holds a record.

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