Monday, August 6, 2012

Cubs Shakeup

Like just about every other team this time of year, the Cubs are going through some changes. I understand them but that doesn't mean I have to like them. The timing is also odd seeing that the Cubs were 7-1-1 in their last nine series but 0-2 since the shakeup, including a current 5 game losing streak.

Those who follow this blog know that I enjoy the style of play Tony Campana brings to the game. Well, he was sent back down to AAA Iowa on Sunday. I know he hasn't had much playing time so going back to AAA should get him more and help his game but it still sucks.

On the bright side, they did play a decent game on Sunday, despite the loss. There were several lead changes and the Cubs didn't necessarily implode. Two of the top Cubs prospects also made their Major League debuts. The announcers said during Sunday's broadcast that Josh Vitters would probably make his debut Monday but he ended up pinch hitting in the pitcher's spot in the 7th inning.

The bigger debut was that of starting center fielder Brett Jackson. Although his first at-bat was an awkward foul-ball-off-his-foot-ruled-fair and thrown out, he did move the lead runner, David DeJesus into scoring position which helped when the next batter, Anthony Rizzo drove him in with a single. He followed that up with a walk and 2 singles before bring his day to a close with a strikeout.

He also scored his first run with an awkward slide on an Alfonso Soriano double in the 7th inning. Not sure what happened but it looked like he wanted to slide and tackle the catcher and it became a head first slide turned sideways barrel roll? Granted its his MLB debut but I would think sliding is taught earlier than that. If I can find a .gif later today, I'll add one.

Here a couple of cards I have been lucky enough to have signed by Brett Jackson. I sent them to someone who regularly 'graphs the Iowa Cubs last season and he got them done very promptly. Thanks Doug!

2010 Topps Pro Debut Brett Jackson
2011 Topps Pro Debut Brett Jackson

2009 Donruss Elite College Ties Brett Jackson & Jeff Kobernus
I picked up two College Ties cards and got them both signed by Jeff Kobernus when he was with the Potomac Nationals last season. I sent them both to Doug to get signed by Jackson, allowing him to keep one of them. Nice way to get a dual signed card! Not sure why they scanned so dark this time but they all look great in person.

I hope the Cubs can work out the kinks and take advantage of all of these prospects they seem to be getting in these trades. Waiting until next year is getting old (and I don't mean Waiting 'til Next Year, that one is cool). I guess only time will tell...

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  1. Yeah, I was bummed about Campana as well. But, if he's ever going to contribute for the Cubs he needs to learn to find a way to reach 1st base safely, He can steal the others, but he can't steal first. Hopefully, regular playing time at Iowa will help?

    Thanks for the shout out!