Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trade with The Dutch Card Guy

Right after my last box break, which Jeroen (The Dutch Card Guy) participated in, we worked out a deal that I would send a few extra Yankees to fill out the package for him and get a few Cubs cards sent my wayin return. Like yesterday's post, here are a few of my favorites.

Various rookies. As a Cubs fan, I remember every one of these guys, but I don't really expect anybody else too. None played the equivalent of a full season although a couple played multiple years with the Cubs. Still nice to add o the collection. As my header says, Once a Cub...Always a Cub.
Robin Jennings, Kevin Orie, Chad Meyers
Blaise Ilsley, Brooks Kieschnick
Also in the package were various inserts, including a jersey card, an autograph and several serial numbered cards. 
Aramis Ramirez Jersey (w/ pinstripe!)

Carlos Zambrano (#/250!)

Carlos Zambrano (#/599!)

Gold Micah Hoffpauir (#/2009!)

Cesar Izturis Autograph

I'm not sure why the Sutcliffe below is amusing. I've seen the card before. He's obviously on the mound at Wrigley (pinstriped uni, ivy in the background). Maybe its the hair? Not the style, it was the 80s afterall. I guess it just seems odd that he doesn't have a hat on?

The Red Baron!

This Kerry Wood is a card I don't recall seeing before. I've seen other Play Ball cards but for some reason, this one does not ring any bells.
Kerry Wood
I'm wouldn't call myself a Brain McRae fan but this might be my favorite card in the package. It's a 1996 Topps Laser. You can probably tell from the scan but if you can't, it is die cut on along the right side. Not just along the border like your typical die cut card but inside too. Pretty fancy stuff if I do say so myself.

This time period was the beginning of a lull for me in card collecting as there weren't too many Ryne Sandberg cards in the late 90s and I had other pursuits calling for my attention. A little research shows that there is indeed a Sandberg card in the set. Anybody have one (or any other Cubs from the set) they're willing to part with?

Thank again, Jeroen for the trade!