Friday, August 3, 2012

ATCRCS: First Pitch Friday - Will Ferrell

"It's a simple question, Doctor. Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs?"
(If you don't get the joke, click the link on the bottom of the post.)

Love him or hate him, Will Ferrell is now part of this set. Some of his work is brilliant while others...let's just say can be a little over the top. Ferrell made his appearance last week promoting his new movie "The Campaign" with his co-star, Zach Galifiankis. Hopefully its not one of those movies where all the best parts are in the preview because it does look pretty funny.

The following is a video of their starting lineup announcements. It starts a little slow but then they kick it up a notch with some embellishments to a few of the players' resumes.

And here we have what I'm pretty sure is a clip from the ESPN documentary on Steve Bartman called Catching Hell. Ferrell is asked to do his impression of Harry Caray calling the Bartman incident.

And finally, I couldn't figure out how to link to this youtube video but its hilarious!

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