Thursday, August 9, 2012

Josh Vitters

Since my last custom 2012 Cubs team set update, there have been 4 new debuts. Alberto Cabrera, Brett Jackson, Josh Vitters and Brooks Raley. Unfortunately, also since my last set update, the Cubs are winless. Probably not so coincidentally, that was right around the trade deadline. Let's hope this post helps reverse the streak.

I've fallen a little behind in updating my custom set. I haven't burned out. I just haven't been able to find good, usable photos. Horizontal shots that give me just enough up top to "pop" out of the frame are harder to come by than you'd think. I have potential photos for Jackson and Raley (looking for better) but Cabrera remains elusive. You would think that 4 appearances (although only 2.2 innings) would yield at least one usable photo.

The photo I used for Josh Vitters comes from his MLB debut on 8/5/2012. His only at-bat in that game was a pinch-hit fly out but it still made for a decent photo. Fast forward past his 0-4 performance in his first start the next day and you'll get to his third game. He pinch-hit again, though this time for a double that drove in two runs. Always nice to knock out a couple of firsts at the same time.

Josh Vitters
Still too early to tell if Vitters will be the third baseman of the future for the Cubs. But that's what games in August and September are for, right?

Oh, pennant races and playoffs you say?

Pffffft. That's for contenders...

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  1. You should make you're very own rookie card symbol for your custom cards.

  2. That's a neat idea.

    I've half-heartedly toyed with making a logo (rather than the watermark) a couple of times but haven't liked anything I've done yet.