Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Custom Design Part 4

Not quite finished with the roster just yet. I'm throwing a manager and a couple coaches in this batch so if you include the two new debuts this past week, that puts me at 5 more players plus a few more coaches if I can find the photos and any other new callups/trades.

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Chris Bosio
Tony Campana
David DeJesus
Kerry Wood
Lendy Castillo
Rodrigo Lopez
Scott Maine
Jamie Quirk
Ian Stewart
Dale Sveum

In a nod to his two Topps issued cards, I put Campana catching a fly ball back by the wall. I will most likely change this once I can find a better photo. Also looking for a better Kerry Wood because his face seems to be in a shadow. Those really sunny day games can be trouble for picking photos.

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