Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Short post today because I have a very busy weekend. By the time this posts, my oldest son will be a teenager. We are spending Saturday late afternoon - early evening in the oppressive heat to watch his first Little League All-Star game. He will be the starting center fielder, batting second.

Then my little autograph hound buddy wants to spend his birthday on Sunday at our local minor league ballpark to watch the games and get some autographs. So far we have a really great relationship and hopefully can maintain that through his teen years and beyond!

Happy Birthday Andrew!

His team won their game on Saturday 7-5. He went 1-2 with a stolen base. Props to professional videographers because baseball action is tough to follow with a camera. My camera was all over the place for his hit but here's his stolen base.

Straight up steal, no passed ball. No leading, has to wait for the ball to cross the plate to leave the base.

Dude is fast, but shortstop missed the tag.

Here are a couple of his football highlights form last season too.

Andrew Takes Out Kick Returner

Andrew Returns Kickoff for a TD

Andrew 62-Yard TD Run

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  1. Little dude's got speed to burn! Glad to hear he won on his birthday, sounds like you guys have good plans to celebrate. Sports is a big part of my relationship with my father as well. He was a good coach/mentor, in baseball and in life.