Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A couple new ATCRCS cards

I ran out of time to write anything of substance for today's post. So instead, I'm posting three of my newer ATCRCS cards. I haven't even had time to make backs for them yet, although I have compiled all the necessary information.

First we have former Cubs pitcher turned broadcaster Steve Stone. Stone came to the Cubs as one of 4 players in exchange for sending Ron Santo to the White Sox. I've heard he left the Cubs because players felt he was too critical of the team but I grew up watching him and Harry Caray on WGN so I have soft spot for him. Plus, it has to be hard following/working for a team day in and day out that made many of the mistakes they made. He has since moved on to the White Sox.

Also now announcing for the White Sox is former Cubs outfielder Darrin Jackson. I remember him as part of those late '80s Cubs teams I'm so fond of but lost track of him after he left the Cubs. I didn't realize he bounced around so much until I was compiling his stats for the back of the card.

And finally, we have former Cubs catcher Randy Hundley. Hundley played for the infamous '69 Cubs and caught 2 no-hitters in 1972 (Hooton and Pappas). His son Todd played for the Cubs as well in the early 2000s. I could say more, but I'll save it for the back of the card and perhaps the post when I eventually get it autographed.

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