Friday, July 27, 2012

ATCRCS: First Pitch Friday - Gale Sayers

This post wraps up the First Pitch cards that I made for the Sun-Times show back in June. But because Gale Sayers made multiple appearances, its a two-fer. Unfortunately, after I printed them out and during the assembly process, I noticed a typo on the back so I didn't send them in.

He's another one of those Chicago Bears that was from before my time so I don't know much about other than the stories. But he does have a very impressive resume on paper.

  • 4x Pro Bowl
  • 3x Pro Bowl MVP
  • 1960s All-Decade Team
  • 2x NFL Rushing Champ
  • College Football HOF
  • Pro Football HOF

I'm not sure how many appearances Sayers has made but I found photos for two separate occasions. He is one of the reasons I changed the back of the First Pitch cards to read "Cubs Appearance" rather than "Cubs Debut" like I have on the player cards. I know of several others that also made multiple appearances.

It seems to me Sayers would have thrown out a first pitch prior to 2009 but that is the first one I found.

And then followed up by this one in 2011.

Yes, I used the exact same back aside from the dates (but even that was enough to trip me up with a typo). I couldn't find any videos of him making these appearances. I almost posted a scene from Brian's Song but since it wasn't Sayers himself, I held back. So instead here's a video highlight package set to the least annoying music I could find. Enjoy!

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