Monday, July 23, 2012

Mailday Monday - New Tony Campana

Its been a couple weeks since I posted one of these. I took down my Trade List post as I try to get more organized, which put a damper on potential trades, which in turn directly affects the mail I get. I did have an eBay purchase come in though.

Every couple of days, I run a "Tony Campana" search because I'm looking for the rest of the printing plates. But there's been nothing since I picked up the black one a few weeks ago right after Series 2 was released. However, I did come across a 1/1 Blank Back being offered by the Topps Vault. I've purchased these before and kind of have mixed feelings about them.

On one hand, they are limited edition 1/1s. On the other, they are manufactured for the sheer purpose of making money. They aren't part of the process of making a card like a proof or printing plate. I'm always happy to win an auction but when I got it, there was a twinge of buyer's remorse.

They come in a very sturdy lucite case, sealed with a Topps sticker at the top. The back is indeed blank, with a holographic sticker with a serial number on it. Also included in the package was a Certificate of Authenticity. Nothing fancy, standard form with the number from the sticker on the card handwritten on the certificate.


  1. The fact that Topps makes these and throws them on eBay as a quick cash grab is pretty disappointing to me, they are just trying to milk as much as they can from their customers.

    1. I agree. I gave up on the Sandbergs when I saw they were topping $100.

      When I bid on this one, nobody else had yet. Starting price was $9.95. I tend to put my bids at $23.23 (Sandberg fan anyone?) and if I had this time, I would have lost to a last minute sniper. "Luckily" I accidentally hit $33.23 and was too lazy to change it thinking nobody would bid it that high anyway. Whoops!

      At least it was for a player I collect.

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty torn about these Topps weasel-products, too. They are providing a pretty cool item for collectors (I had this on 'watch' and was going to bid before it went past my $20 limit) and they have to make their money too, but they feel a little 'fake', you know?
    I think you got a good'n, tho. Tony's going places and it's a cool ivy picture. Congrats!