Thursday, July 26, 2012

My "W" flags

If you have seen Cubs games on WGN, you'll probably recognize the giant white flag with a blue W on it. The camera shots of the crowd singing and dancing along while "Go Cubs Go" blares on the stadium loudspeaker after a win is one of the best parts of a game. Almost to a point where its disappointing when WGN broadcasts a road game. Almost. A win is a win.

For those that don't know the history behind the flag, here is a wiki link that will tell you all about it. Basically, when the Cubs win, one of these flags is flown above the stadium to let passersby know about the victory. (Conversely, a blue flag with a white L on it is flown for a loss.)

Long before I decided to make my ATCRCS set, I had a more simplistic idea for getting Cubs autographs on a uniform product. Seeing as this was also before I played around with Photoshop at all, I asked somebody to make me my own W flag photos to print out to get signed. I ordered 3 different sizes. 

  • 4"x6" photo (flag measures 3x5 so I trim the edges). For any Cubs players to sign.
  • 8"x10" photo (flag measures 6x10 so again I trim the edges) One for ROYs, one for MVPs, etc.
  • Large poster size (forget exact dmensions) For any/all award winning Cubs players.
The large poster one will be showcased soon, maybe next week. I have not gotten a single 8"x10" done in the 2+ years I've had them. But I started mailing out the 3"x5" photos out almost as soon as I got them. In my letter I also asked them to inscribe something like "Go Cubs!" or "Cubs Win!" in addition to their signature.

I recently came across some pictures I took while cleaning up my hard drive. I guess this was before I had my scanner, too. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for the guys I sent to other than they were all pretty reliable signers according to 

Here are a few of the replies I got:

Bobby Dernier (in person at a Cubs-Nats game when he was 1B coach)
Jim Frey (TTM)
Dave Kingman (TTM)
Vance Law (TTM)
Steve Swisher (TTM, Nick's dad!)
Steve Trachsel (TTM)
I easily have a dozen or two more but things came up in life a few weeks into this so I stopped sending them out. I'm glad I found these old photos though as I still think they are a great idea and may include them with my ATCRCS cards when I mail them out. Now I just have to find the stash of extras I had printed out from when I was an active TTMer.

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