Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America's Birthday and my 100th Post!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Please party responsibly.

In addition to the federal holiday, I am also celebrating my 100th post. That's probably not very many to you seasoned veterans, but if I was a television show, I'd be eligible for syndication now. With that in mind, I'm going to do what a lot of shows do, one of those clip filled-recap shows.

When I started this blog, I knew that it would be heavily Cubs focused. They are after all, my favorite team. But with Wrigley Wax as the resident Cubs baseball card blog, I thought I would carve my niche in the blogosphere by featuring my ATCRCS cards a lot more than I have. The good news is that I have dozens more ready to be featured when the time comes. Here are a couple of cards I already posted early on that seem a little under appreciated, at least by number of original post views.

So what has caused the lack of ATCRCS card posts? Well, I've done a couple of group box breaks. It started with a couple boxes of Gypsy Queen. That break was made up entirely of members from SCN. It was during the first week or so of my blog and earned me a couple of followers. My biggest pull, in terms of drawing people to my blog was the King Pavlov autographed card. It still shows up as a top search term every week and I'm afraid my post about it doesn't quite help out the inquiring minds. And I don't even have it anymore to answer the questions I get about it. I also pulled the Yellow Jose Bautista Moonshots Mini 1/1 printing plate.

I also ran breaks for a full case of Topps Archives and 3 boxes of Topps Series2. Highlights (for me anyway) were a Starlin Castro printing plate for one of the cloth sticker inserts out of Archives. And I did get a pair of Cubs relics out of Topps Series 2.

But what really bolstered the amount of followers I had were some of the trades that I made. My first one with The Daily Dimwit was my biggest leap. After he posted what he received on his blog with a link to mine,  I probably picked up 20 followers that day. Considering I'm still at less than 40, that's a heck of a jump.

I've fallen a bit behind in my organization, which has hurt the amount of trades I've been a part of in the last month or so but power outages will do that. I hope to get caught up within the next week or so and reintroduce my Trade List  page and update my Want List.

Thanks to everybody who been reading the blog and leaving comments. I appreciate the feedback. I plan to keep the daily posts going and hope you'll stick around for the ride whether you're a Cubs fan or not.


  1. Congrats on 100....looking forward to the next several hundred.

  2. From one Cubs fan to another, congratulations on 100.