Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Potomac Nationals Game on Sunday

I mentioned the other day that for his birthday, my oldest son, now a teenager, wanted to go to a Potomac Nationals game. His mother and brother bailed (because it was a scorching 103 degrees at first pitch) but they set up a nice party for our return.

We only had a few cards to get signed but when we got to the stadium, we saw they had released the team set so I shelled out $12 for that. After thumbing through the set, a lot of the guys have already been shuffled around to other teams which is always disappointing but he still did pretty well with the guys that were there. He got 17 of the 31 cards signed from the set plus a few we brought with us.

Adrian Sanchez, Erick Fernandez, JP Ramirez
Kevin Keyes, Rob Wort, Trevor Holder
Michael Taylor, Blake Kelso, Matthew Grace
Matt Swynenburg, Ryan Demmin, Brian Rupp
Ricky Hague, Francisco Soriano, Joe Testa
Chris Michalak, Randolph Oduber
JP Ramirez, 2011 Heritage Minors
Rick Hague
These four Rick Hague cards complete the DAV sponsored giveaway from last year. He had a season ending injury just before the set was released and was sent home. Finally finished!

Hitting coach and former Washington National Marlon Anderson

And finally, the highlight of the day for me (aside from you know, spending quality time with my son on his birthday, blah blah blah), former Cub Xavier Nady.

2010 & 2011 Topps Xavier Nady
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to print, cut out and glue together his ATCRCS card because he had just been sent down that day. But I will have it ready for the next time!


  1. Did you miss Chad Tracy, or hadn't he joined them for his own rehab yet?

    1. He's listed on the roster but we didn't see him at all. I did get my ATCRCS card signed by him in Spring Training though.

      We missed Storen, who pitched on Saturday and Monday (we went Sunday). They said he wasn't even at the park that day but I'm guessing he went in for at least a workout.