Sunday, November 3, 2013

2012 Bowman Chrome Autographs Matt Szczur

A little while I ago, I took a chance and bid on a few cards from an eBay seller who had recently taken a couple of feedback hits for various reasons. They weren't a professional seller (fairly low total feedback score) so they were "slow to ship" and "slow to communicate" among other things. Meh, I can be pretty patient for a good deal. I placed opening bids of $0.99 on a few things and eventually won two of them for that bid.

I paid with Paypal, confident that they would help if I ran into problems with the seller. And worst case scenario, with combined shipping, I would be out less than $5 if things didn't go my way. As you can see by the photo above, the cards did come so I had nothing to worry about. I'm glad I went ahead and took the chance because this 2012 Bowman Chrome Matt Szczur autograph card would have set me back close to $5 by itself from a more reputable seller.

Szczur is a part of the Cubs 40-man roster and was both a mid-season and post season Southern League All-Star after spending the entire 2013 season with the Double-A Tennessee Smokies. I look forward to seeing him roam the outfield at Wrigley in a year or two.

The other card, which was the whole reason I bid in the first place, will show up later this week.

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