Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Reno Aces Tony Campana

It's been a while since I've added anything to my Tony Campana PC but a little while back I did pick up his Triple-A Reno Aces team set card. 

If the design looks familiar, it is because Brandt Sports Marketing has several templates for teams to use. In fact, the Iowa Cubs used this design for their 2012 set, before Brandt took over Multi-Ad Sports. Campana was not in that set as he was with the big league Cubs early in the season. Teams have to submit their rosters to the card makers early so that these sets can be released mid-season.

Not only does Brandt Sports Marketing have multiple front side templates to choose from, teams can mix and match the backsides too. So while the front matches the 2012 Iowa Cubs team set, Reno went with a different back. It contains all the common characteristics with name, position, team logo, demographics, a blurb and past statistics. I like that it also includes a second picture, one that is different than the one used on the front. Often times, the back picture is just a zoomed in closeup of the face from the front.

Campana is still currently on the Diamondbacks 40-Man roster so I look forward to more cards for him in 2014.

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