Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 Topps Update Cubs Emeralds

Several times a week I like to run through some of my favorites searches on eBay to see if anything of interest pops up. This ranges from mini collections I'm working on such as 1991 Topps Desert Shield or Tony Campana to the biggest focal point of the collection, Cubs in general.

I search "Cubs lot" quite bit because it brings up such a variety of items. Sometimes it is cards, autographs, memorabilia or a mix of all of the above. Once I weed out Cub Scout stuff and bear figurines/knick knacks, there are a lot of hidden gems. And by gems, today I mean emeralds.

I came across a listing a few weeks back that had 14 different Cubs Emerald cards from the Update release. As someone who had just picked up the base version, I knew that there were only 14 different Cubs in the set. I don't think the seller realized because he only listed it as a "lot" and not as a complete team set. Sure enough when I clicked into the listing, it included a photo of 6 of them but listed all 14 players in the set. I had seen a couple of the sets sell for between $7-10 plus shipping. Thats's a little out of my price range considering in a few weeks/months, they'll probably be a quarter each on Sportlots or Just Commons.

I ended up winning the complete set "lot" for just $1.74. Not bad for a lot that included 5 Rookie Cards too. (But when your roster for the season includes 56 different players, there should probably be some rookies.) The shipping was a bit high at $3.50 but I picked up a few other things from the same seller to make it more reasonable. Now I just have to figure out which ones I still need from Series 1 & 2. May as well complete the whole set!

The foil names don't show up great on the scans so I've added them for the curious.

Blake Parker
Brian Bogusevic, Carlos Villanueva, Dioner Navarro

Edwin Jackson, James Russell, Junior Lake

Justin Grimm, Kevin Gregg, Kyuji Fujikawa

Luis Valbuena, Mike Olt, Pedro Strop

Scott Feldman

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  1. Awesome that it went to you, an actual Cubs fan. I was actually watching that auction and forgot to bid and was shocked it went so cheap. I love the sparkly parallels they have been making since the 2011 season. I still have quite a few Cubs to pick up to complete the sets.