Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 Panini Pinnacle Autographs Tony Campana

On Sunday, I started the story of how I got a really good deal on a pair of autographed cards. The card that day fit my Cubs collection very well, an autograph from a supposedly loaded Cubs minor league system. (No seriously, I keep hearing about how the Cubs have one of the best. No joke! Stop laughing at me!)

Anyway, today's card kind of sort of fits the bill. I've added yet another Tony Campana card to the collection! I've got almost as many Tony Campana cards as he has Major League games. Or stolen bases. Ok, now you can laugh. Those are jokes! Kind of...it is getting close.

The maroon burgundy sedona red still looks a bit odd in the collection but good ol' TC as gotten his own binder so no contamination will spread. Haha. But more on that in a later post.

Some of you may know I've come to appreciate the reverse sides of cards since I started making my own customs and started scanning both sides of my Cubs collection. I even had a "Backside Appreciation" post a few weeks back. Don't be too disappointed if you click on the link and it is about the backside of baseball cards...

Despite the lack of logos, this is a pretty solid layout. Black is tough on the scanner though. Now I'm no English major, but my only beef with this card came in the blurb. The use of "as well" twice in the same sentence bugs me more than it should. 

I believe this wraps up my Campana collection for the year, although I'm still looking for blue and red parallels of "last year's" Panini Prizm card. But a Cubs card in the factory team set (thus no parallels), a Reno Aces team set card and this autograph was it for 2013. Here's hoping that Campana has a better showing in 2014!

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