Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cody Ransom

The Cubs selected Cody Ransom off waivers from the San Diego Padres in mid-April of this year, replacing Brent Lillibridge on the roster. Just two weeks later, when the Cubs came to DC to play the Nationals, I was able to knock out my 2013 custom team set card in person. Those cards were easier to make than the ATCRCS cards, plus there weren't many usable photos of Ransom as a Cub yet. The one I ended up using for the team set went better with that set. The Cubs are coming to town over the 4th of July weekend next year so I'll have more time to get put together cards than I did with their early season visit this year.

Ransom isn't much of a power hitter, but my clearest memory of him playing this year was a three run homer on June 9th that broke a 1-1 tie against the Pirates. I had to go to Baseball Reference to verify the date but I remember the hit. Even with the Cubs showing fewer games on WGN, I could still count on Sunday games as an out of market fan and it was definitely one of those lazy Sunday afternoon games. When I eventually make the back for the ATCRCS card, I'm sure that will be the highlight of the blurb.

Unfortunately for Ransom, he was designated for assignment in early September and ultimately released on September 16th. This card was sent out to a fellow collector in Seattle that was a big help during the Mariners-Cubs series in late June.

As a refresher, here is one of the two team set cards I got signed back in May:

Ransom did have two previous stints with the Iowa Cubs (Triple-A affiliate) back in 2005. He signed with the Cubs in January 2005, was purchased by the Texas Rangers in March, released in May and re-signed by the Cubs two days later. He played 65 games in Iowa before being granted free agency at the end of the season. He was part of the 2005 Iowa Cubs team set but as far as I know, he didn't have any "real" 2013 cards and certainly no other Cubs cards.

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