Monday, November 4, 2013

Domingo Ramos

When I first added the tab at the top of the page showing off my ATCRCS cards, I put up everything I had at that point.  I still have about twenty or so not on the tabbed page, but there were probably another 20 or so that were put up but never written about either. That's not really fair so every once in a while I'll figure out who never got a write-up and remedy the situation.

Domingo Ramos is one such case that came to my attention because I recently picked up his 1991 Topps Desert Shield card for my team set.

Collecting the Desert Shield team set wasn't even a thought in my mind when I got my ATCRCS card signed, which is a shame because I knocked out his two Cubs Topps cards at the same time.

In fact, once I started collecting the Desert Shield set, I had it somewhere in the back of my mind that I already had the Ramos card because of the signed card from the regular set above. Oh well.

The two cards above and the ATCRCS below were signed when Ramos made an appearance at a Yankees reunion show almost two years ago now. This was one of the first ATCRCS cards I made and if/when I have the chance to get the Desert Shield card signed, I'll try to replace this one too. The signature itself is fine, but the cutting job I did on it was very amateur. I also might even change the photo if I can find another one because it is so similar to the one used on his 1991 Topps card. 

As for his story, Ramos came to the Cubs as a free agent following the 1988 season. His finished his career with two years playing for the Cubs (which means he is one of the Boys of Zimmer) after nine seasons in the American League. He was a utility infielder, mainly used at shortstop behind Shawon Dunston and third base behind Vance Law.  He had two career triples, both while with the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Ramos was only 32 when he retired and I can't find any record of him coaching. I did find one story from several years ago that said he worked for Scott Boras in his home country, the Dominican Republic. No information on what he does/did. I'm guessing some kind of scout.

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