Wednesday, May 7, 2014

1982 O-Pee-Chee #137 Fergie Jenkins

As much as I love Fergie Jenkins, he isn't one of my PC guys so only one of the two cards below belongs in my collection. The card on the left is Jenkins' regular 1982 Topps card. The one on the right came out of Topps Traded that year.

And in fact, only one of them is in my collection. Obviously, the Cubs one.

Well they didn't know it at the time, but O-Pee-Chee came along and decided that one day I would want that Texas Rangers Fergie Jenkins card in my collection. So they tweaked it just for me.

While its not a perfect match, it goes into the collection nicely. And very fitting since Jenkins himself is Canadian.

I guess O-Pee-Chee had a later release than the basic Topps set and were able to make changes such as these, while Topps waited for their Traded set.

As far as I know, this completes my "Fergie Jenkins' second stint with the Cubs" collection from the major brands. Now to tackle the vintage! Eventually...

And for those that didn't know or maybe forgot, Fergie Jenkins was also a member of the Harlem Globetrotters!

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