Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cubs Lot #3

This lot was much smaller and I'm able to take care of it in one fell swoop. It was the priciest per card lot that I bought, but from the pictures, I could tell it had a bunch of stuff I needed. There were some common base cards but even among them, I found some upgrades.

It only took 4 scans and some cropping so this was fairly quick and painless.

I didn't have many Bazooka cards so these were all new. Apparently, the Bazooka Joe character is a bandwagon fan of all 30 teams and has a card for each. You can't tell from the scans but the Donald Hood on the left is the regular card and the one of the right is a mini. Or vice versa. Whatever.

A few more Hee Seop Choi for the collection. The Donruss on the upper right is a dupe but he's got a broken bat so it'll be heading to JediJeff.

I had the regular Stadium Club of Shawon Dunston on the left but mine had some chipping on the foil logo so this is an upgrade. The Golden Rainbow parallel is a nice addition and the Dunston part scanned as both golden and a rainbow. The Score above and Score Select below were new to me as well.

My Eric Karros collection quadrupled as I started with one and now have four!

What Cubs lot purchase would be complete without a new Corey Patterson and Mark Prior? There were a couple of each of these guys, but alas, only one each that were new to me.

Like Eric Karros, Rondell White is suddenly thriving in my collection. These three double me up to six.

I said it before, I'm still a little surprised when I come across another new No-mah cahd. This one is die-cut and horizontal.

Speaking of horizontal, how about a nice Sammy Sosa? I'm a little sorry that I was out of the hobby when Fleer Tradition was around. I've seen some nice stuff form them. Lots of horizontal-ness.

This was hands down the coolest "card" in the package. Its a standard 2.5 x 3.5 but as thick as the manu-ring-relics that Topps has put out. A good half inch. If you look closely at the front, there's a yellow button with a megaphone icon. When you squeeze the card, you get the WGN radio call of Sammy's 300th home run. Well, at least you're supposed to. The battery is on its last legs because mine just lets out a high pitched squeal for about as long as I imagine the home run call is.

I mentioned that the lot itself was fairly pricey (per card). But I did get the seller to throw in an autographed Cubs card he had listed separately for no additional charge. Not a big name, but still new to me.

As is protocol for a lot purchase, here is the breakdown.

Advertised Quantity: 100 + 1 bonus
Actual Quantity: 102 + 1 bonus
Damaged Cards: 0
Non-Cubs: 1
Different Cards: 103
Price Per Cubs Card: $19.99/102 = $.196
Price Per Different Card: $19.99/103 = $.194
New Cards (or upgrades): 52
Price Per New Card:  $19.99/52 = $.384
Number of Different Players: 54 + 2 team cards/multiple players

And here is the one "non-Cubs" card. Like the Derrek Lee from the other day, I'll be keeping this one too anyway.

Its kind of funny that the player was Hee Seop Choi, since he was the one sent to the Marlins to land Derrek Lee. Ok, maybe that's only funny to me. Since Choi is shown in his Cubs uniform, I'll be hanging on to it despite the teal coloring and Marlins name across the top.


  1. Nice adds and congrats on increasing some of the Player PCs. I've gotta get those Bandwagon Joes sometime.

  2. Huh... I think that's two posts in a row where you've show a card or two of Donald Hood. I've never heard of him, and I know tons of Cubs players (including the minors). Crazy.

  3. Me neither. And don't feel bad, according to baseball reference, he never stopped in P-Town.

    I wonder if he was on the 40 man roster at some point to make both Topps Total and Bazooka.