Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Small Card Show Recap - Part One

I recently found a new card show in the ballroom of a local Best Western. While its not real big, it is fairly regular, coming around every month. I've now been three of the last four months and haven't had a problem dropping $20-40. There are probably only about ten dealers spread out over twenty-ish tables but they manage to cover most if not all of the collector niches. 

The title I used is kind of a misnomer because I'm only going to show one card today. I probably should have gone with my underused "Hump Day Hits" but I wanted to tease the show and how many of you would have clicked to just see a Mike Fontenot relic? As usual, this is merely a ploy to buy some time to get some scanning and cropping done.

The Mike Fontenot card above came out of 2010 Topps Series 2 and is from the Peak Performance series. While I was digging through the boxes that led me to tomorrow's post, my son was at another table looking through football boxes. He had pulled out a nice stack of dime box Patriots cards and was finishing up a $2 multi-sport "hits" box when I checked in with him. He had set aside 6-7 Cubs cards from the box but the Fontenot was the only one I didn't already have.

The dealer eyeballed the stack with the Fontenot card included and quoted us $5. I knew there were more than 50 cards in the Patriots stack so I think we were getting the "kid collector" discount. Or its tough to unload Patriots cards in Redskins territory. While I needed the Fontenot card for the collection, the greatest thing about it is that it essentially ended up being free!

Tomorrow, I'll be back with the meat of my card show pickups and Friday I'll wrap it up with the "big money" cards.


  1. I love Fontenot! I might be the only Cubs fan left with a jersey of him. I've worn it to almost every Cubs game over the past few years.