Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Help Me Finish 2014 Opening Day!

Thanks to my buddy Ty (formerly of the short-lived League Leader in Italics blog), I am less than two perfectly collated packs away from putting the finishing touches on my 2014 Opening Day base set. I doubt those packs exist so I am putting out a call for help.

Someone else has stepped up with an offer for a couple, leaving me just these six cards short:

143, 170, 195, 196, 214, 220

I can easily place a JustCommons or Sportlots order but I'm sure some of you have some extras collecting dust that you'd like to turn into cards you'd want/like.

Ty was the recipient of one of the 1954 Bowman cards I picked up at the show last weekend and in exchange he hit my want list pretty hard. Some of you long time readers may remember that he helped me out quite a bit with last year’s Opening Day set when he lost two blasters worth to me in some extreme pack wars. Here’s the stack he hooked me up with over the weekend:

This was nearly a third of the set! Not only did he help with the base, but he knocked out the rest of the blue parallel Cubs I needed. Here are all six Cubs from the set:

I kind of like the way my scanner handles shiny cards. Thanks Ty!

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  1. If I'm that someone else, the cards go out tomorrow. (If not, be sure to let me know...)