Monday, March 25, 2013

4 Blasters of 2013 Opening Day

On Saturday, Ty from over at League Leader in Italics posted his sob story version of how I happened into 4 blasters of 2013 Opening Day. And for the most part, he was right. I will add that he didn't get shutout completely. I did take everything but only to sort it out. He'll end up with quite a few dupes eventually and probably even some of his beloved league leaders.

As usual, feel free to claim anything you see. Most are available for trade barring the Cubs, Nationals and a few that are earmarked for some outstanding trades I have going.

The Blues:

Curtis Granderson, Brandon League & Carl Crawford

Jesus Monetero, Manny Machado & Matt Dominguez

Ian Desmond & CJ Wilson

Nick Markakis

Huston Street

The 3D Opening Day stars:

David Wright, Yu Darvish & Miguel Cabrera

Mike Trout, RA Dickey & Prince Fielder

Yadier Molina, Cole Hamels & Adrian Gonzalez

Opening Day Highlights, the only pulled between the 4 boxes:
Ryan Zimmerman
Play Hard:

Bryce Harper & David Wright

Jason Heyward & David Ortiz

Alex Gordon & Jay Bruce

Alex Rodriguez & Paul Goldschmidt

Mascots: (all taken)

Rangers, Indians & A's

Astros, Mariners & Phillies

Cardinals & Mets

Superstar Celebrations
Bryce Harper & Giancarlo Stanton

Ryan Zimmerman & Joey Votto

Prince Fielder

Ballpark Fun:

David Ortiz, Evan Longoria & Albert Pujols

Dustin Pedroia, Hanley Ramirez & Aroldis Chapman

Coco Crisp & Jaysen Werth

I'll have a full want list up a little bit later but rest assured I'll take any of the Cubs inserts (didn't get any) and still need a Cubs team set of base cards.

And thanks again Ty! ;)


  1. I'm interested in working something out for the Markakis Blue and possibly the Machado too. I'll see what I can find for you when I get home from work today.

  2. I have the Alfonso Soriano Superstar Celebration up for trade....I need the Fielder one.

    I have the Samardzija base card, only Cubs base card I have. I'll try to remember to look for your want list later. Email me to help that along.

  3. If its available I'd love the blue Jesus Montero

  4. I'm interested in the mascots.

  5. I'll take the League and Crawford blue, the Gonzalez 3-D and the Ramirez ballpark fun. I'll dig up something for ya.