Sunday, March 31, 2013

Repack Sundays!

I've been breaking these repack boxes regularly for a couple of Sundays now (plus a few sporadically before that) but I have to say today's has been the best one yet. Lots of past, present, and future Cubs as well as just some cool looking cards. There were a bunch of scan worthy cards in this one. Part of me thinks I couldn't have done much better picking my own cards out of a random dime box!

This is the same type of box I've been getting, 4 unopened packs plus 100 random cards for $5. This rookie card of Mike Rabelo from the Tigers was the top card in the Fleer Ultra pack. Nothing to write home about but it foreshadowed a fun group of cards from the random 100 that you'll see later on.

The two packs of Upper Deck brought a Mitch Stetter rookie card, an Austin Kearns with the Nats signing autographs,

a pretty sweet looking Mark Prior card (even if he did move on to the Padres by this point), a CC Sabathia Indians Starquest card,

and a Johan Santana Starquest card. I just saw that Santana might miss the whole 2013 season. Ouch.

But my favorite card in the pack was this Justin Maxwell card. I was still on break from the hobby when this set was out so this is the first time I've seen this card. For anyone around the hobby back then, was this card a pretty big deal or did it fly under the radar?

I found the original Getty image here. Apparently, Maxwell is taking BP at the site of what is now Nats Park during its construction. At the time, the Nats were playing at RFK Stadium. I hope the BP pitcher is lobbing them in there because those construction guys in the background would be in for a rude awakening if Maxwell happens to foul one back.

Even the 1989 Topps jumbo pack produced some nice cards. Last week I pulled the Future Stars Gary Sheffield card. This week I pulled his Topps Rookies card. As for the Greg Briley card, it always brings back memories of this.

A bunch of Cubs, nice! The record Dawson broke was for consecutive seasons with double digit home runs and stolen bases in the same season. Bobby Bonds did it in 11 straight seasons, but Dawson topped him in 1988.

And also a bunch of future and past Cubs! Almost 25% of the jumbo pack had Cubs ties. Not too shabby. And it gets me closer to hand collating another 1989 Topps set.

George Bell's record was hitting three home runs on opening day in 1988. More on that later.

At this point, the book value may not be there but in my opinion, the entertainment value of busting this box has been met. On to the miscellaneous 100 cards.

We'll start of with some highlights, both from 1991 Score. In 1990, Cecil Fielder broke the 50 home run barrier by hitting two in his final game of the season. Terry Mulholland threw one of 7 no-hitters in 1990 and was a few years away from joining the Cubs.

Follow that up with some Wrigley Ivy. All of these photos are a little too generic to play "What Game is This From?" but I did pull one worth that game. If it pans out, I'll post the results later in the week. Anthony Young would eventually go on to play for the Cubs.

Speaking of future Cubs, there was a smattering of them and past Cubs in the miscellaneous cards as well. This grouping doesn't give you nearly the representation of all the different brands and years found in the box. 

Remember that Opening Day home run record by George Bell from earlier? Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes would match it just a few years after this card as a member of the Cubs.

Just a random Knuckle Baller card. Because I said so, that's why.
Token oldest cards in the box. Both in pretty good shape and centering despite the scan.

Some Topps Traded, something I hadn't seen much of in these boxes before. Some of these older cards from the repack boxes haven't been in the greatest condition. That Lansford is mint. Not even just for as old it is. As is. 

Only a handful of Cubs amongst the randoms, but like I said, good entertainment value anyway. And remember that Rabelo rookie from way back at the top of the post? Check out all these catchers with their masks! Not quite a play at the plate, but there's gotta be a collector out there for this type of card. Who wants them?

"Crap! I think I just sat on my mask!"
Ellis Burks: "Soon..."

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  1. I'd be down for the catchers if PATP doesn't claim 'em.