Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Heritage Trivia - Repeats?

Two weeks I posted the results from my first (and so far, only) pack of 2013 Heritage. I managed to pull one Cub, Darwin Barney.  In the meantime, my Cubs team set came in the mail. I don't have any of the original 1964 Cubs cards so I won't be doing a compare and contrast. But one thing I did notice was that three of the Cubs cards have the same trivia question.

#144 Darwin Barney
#322 Scott Baker
#347 Carlos Marmol
All utilized the same question about Sid Gordon's gift for hitting a home run on Maine Day in 1952. (Answer on the previous post) I won't be completing this set outside of the Cubs and only have the cards I pulled from my singular pack to go by so I don't know if this affects any of the other teams.

Does anybody know if this is one of those quirky homages to the original 1964 Topps set I've been reading about? Or was Topps too lazy to come up with two more questions?

Tomorrow, I'll do a nerdy post with the questions (and maybe the answers) from the rest of the Cubs cards.


  1. I explored this on my blog a little bit ago. The trivia repeats are all over the place, not restricted to team. And, no, this doesn't appear to be a homage. '64 seems to have had original trivia questions for each card.

  2. I couldn't find any repeats among the '64 Cubs. There were some questions repeated in the '68 set...I've got more about that here:

  3. Night Owl - Not sure how I missed that post, but I went and found it. Thanks!

    Wrigley Wax - Thanks for the link. I only have a handful of pre-1975 cards so my frame of reference is small.

    Always helpful to have some of the hobby heavyweights chime in! A lot of these inside joke/homages would be lost on me if not for the collective knowledge in the blogosphere. Thanks guys!