Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Potpourri for $200, Alex

This'll be a hodge podge post of updates that don't really deserve they're own post, hence the Jeopardy title.

First up, this is a last call for the Blaster Fantasy League. We hit my goal of at least 10 players (9 right now plus one who promised to join tonight) but there's room for two more if there is interest. The draft is set for this Saturday night so get in while you still can. Blasters galore and a chance to win a signed Ripken book. If you're not in the league, this will probably be the last you hear of it until prize time.

Next, I have added a new tab above listing my Opening Day wants. While you're at it, take a look at my 2013 Topps wants too. I'll be hitting a card show the weekend after next but I'd rather work out some trades.

I have responded to everybody who made a claim on inserts yesterday. If somebody wants me to take a look at their base needs for OD, let me know. Ty, my intended recipient, will be buying a complete set separately and doesn't need them.  If you missed yesterday's post, I have marked what's claimed but there's still a bunch there.

And finally, for visual interest, I picked up an autographed version of the Josh Vitters Spring Fever card.

This was the most plentiful of the 3 Cubs available, numbered out of 451. I'm not sure of the significance of that number but the Anthony Rizzo is numbered to 68 while the Andre Dawson is numbered to 51. Those are still commanding some pretty ridiculous amounts so I'm content with this one for now.

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