Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sun Times Autographs

Quick post today as I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me.

Here are a few of the newer customs I had made up for non-Cubs players. I've already showed the unsigned versions a little while back but each of these four appeared at the Sun Times show last weekend in Chicago. I sent them along with a fellow collector who managed to get a couple different ones signed for me.

For my personal collection, I generally only collect Cubs. However, I really like how these came out so you can be sure I'll be making more. Even for other teams although they'll probably be for more significant players such as these (award winners & league leaders). Might be time to pick up a new binder...

By request, here are the backs I made. A slight adjustment from my normal ATCRCS backs.

All but Frank White played for multiple teams so to keep them team themed, I eliminated the stats boxes. The rest is more or less the same with some adjustment of team logos and colors.

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