Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Anthony Rizzo Chasing the Dream

Last week, I did a write-up on Anthony Rizzo's Chasing History cards. He was also in the insert series that featured some younger, up and coming players, Chasing the Dream. Like the History cards, there is also a relic/autograph version numbered to 25 that I wll not be actively pursuing.

Again, the only real difference in the cards are the card "numbers" and the verbiage as to whether the card is a relic or an autograph. Oh and the fact that one has a relic and the other an autograph.

I typically prefer the blurbs to have concrete facts rather than quotes or opinions but this is one is good enough as it fits in the the theme of the card. The last line seems a little cheesy and cliche but what can you do?

One more tiny complaint though? Ok maybe not so tiny. Remember that part in last week's post when I mentioned that they used a photo from Rizzo's rookie walk-off on his base card but not his insert card commemorating said rookie walkoff? Well, guess where the photo for this card is from?

Yep, that same rookie walk-off.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel (courtesy of Getty Images)

Wow. Just wow.

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