Sunday, March 10, 2013

Repack Sundays!

I've decided this is going to be a thing.

Opening these repack boxes has been more fun than my last couple of blasters and this latest box was no exception. I might not do it every Sunday but for $5 plus tax, I think I can swing that pretty often. There probably isn't a lot of trade bait interest in junk wax but just about everything is available except for Cubs cards, even the former/future Cubs.

Before I get started, I'd like to give a reminder that I am running a Fantasy Baseball League through Yahoo this year where the prizes are various blasters. See the tab above for more details. Draft time is approaching!

Also, the leader of each individual statistical category will win an unopened version of one of the repack boxes I'm about to feature. (Contents will vary). When I picked up my latest box, I also purchased 5 more boxes and labeled them for a category:

Once I get a payment or two more, I'll pick up the remaining 5 repack boxes for the offensive categories. Hopefully the following box break will encourage a few more signups, it would for me! You have 10 chances to win one of these at season's end, even with a losing record!

For those unfamiliar with these particular boxes, they are from my local Five Below store where everything, shockingly, is $5 or less. These boxes come in at $4.99 and come with 4 unopened packs and a random assortment of 100 other cards. Depending on the unopened packs, I've been getting around 175 cards per box.

This box had a 1989 Jumbo pack, a 2007 Fleer Ultra, a 2008 Upper Deck First Edition and a 2008 Update First Edition. I'm pretty partial to the 1989 Topps set. While I had been collecting for several years already, 1989 was the first set I completely hand collated from random packs. If I try to think of a card of a player from that era, their 1989 Topps card is most likely to jump to mind. Lots of notable cards (to me) that bring back some memories.
A rookie and a draft pick
Couple of future Cubs
Some former Cubs
More former Cubs
Turn Back the Clock former Cub

Some actual Cubs 
Some Hall of Famers and a key 1984 Cubs component
I thought the other packs produced some interesting cards as well. Nothing ebay worthy, but good enough to fill some trade packages. The Fleer Ultra packs have only 5 cards so they're a little tougher.

Pirates Rookie Card
The Upper Deck packs were better:
Somebody collects cards with awards right?
Yankees inserts are always a plus
Big Papi insert
A trio of rookies
Piazza as an Athletic? Weird.
 Corpas and Dejesus pre-Cubs days
 On to the random assortment of 100 cards:

I vaguely remember these Looney Tunes cards being a big deal
Two HOFers sandwiching a Yankees insert
Former Cub, hate to love those Pirates hats, but I kind of do.
Future Cubs. Looks like somebody told Quirk he'd be working for the Cubs in 25 years.
The oldest card in the box. Are early 80's vintage yet?
More future Cubs
A couple of Hawks!
Some current (at the time) Cubs
Like I said above, these are pretty fun to open. From the cornucopia of cards to the trip down memory lane. I found something similar at Target but they $7.99. I may give one of those a try to see if I get $3 more value from the cards but I doubt I will.

Don't forget to check out the Fantasy League!

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  1. Keep me in my mind for any of the League Leader cards! Thanks!