Monday, March 11, 2013

Trade with Dutch Card Guy

It's a great time of year to be collecting cards. Shortly after a pair of new set releases, the first packs have been opened and Want Lists have been formed. Over the last few days I've been on the receiving end of a couple of different trade packages and today I have yet another!

This one crossed an ocean to get to me and Jeroen (AKA The Dutch Card Guy) made sure to fill the package to get his money's worth on shipping. 

The card that started the trade.
Aside from the Tony Campana, I totally skipped out on picking up the 2012 Topps Cubs Minis. Not on purpose though so these four will find a good home. I can't have too many Campanas!

Another set I missed out on (aside from a couple of non-Cubs in the repack boxes) was Topps 206. These make for a very nice set. I'm going to have to find a checklist and make sure I pick up the rest of the Cubs if there are any.

I was towards the tail end of my first foray into collecting baseball cards when Stadium Club first came out in the early 90's. I remember them being a pretty big deal with their fancy photography and borderless cards, probably Topps trying to compete with the newer, pricier company Upper Deck. I'm not sure they got this Mike Harkey card right though. Lot of dead space at the top and under his throwing arm, not to mention it is poorly cropped on both sides. I think I had a parallel version but not this one, so into the collection it goes.

This last Brooks Kieschnick card is one I don't think I've seen before. No logos are shown but I'd be willing to bet its an Orlando Cubs uniform. For as few games as Kieschnick played for the Cubs (64) I'm continually amazed each time I come across another card for him. I might be approaching a 1:1 card per game ratio! Slight exaggeration but not really... 

Thanks Jeroen!!

There was one more card that intrigued me from the package but I'm going to give it a separate post later this week.

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  1. Good to see they arrived safely ! Thanks for the trade !