Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fantasy League Incentives

We're getting closer to crunch time on this Blaster Fantasy League. If you've been on the fence, and I know some of you have based on the emails I've gotten, now is the time to get in. I've put out some feelers outside the blogosphere and there's interest there but I'm giving fellow bloggers and readers first crack.

As of this post, there are 6 confirmed and actually signed up in the league in Yahoo. I have sent out invites to 4 others that requested but they have not signed up yet. I'll run the league as long as I get at least 10 but I would prefer to have 12 teams.

Apparently friendly competition with some blasters as prizes isn't enough motivation so I'm going to throw a couple more incentives your way.

First off, I have two extras copies of the children's book "Hothead" that is signed by the author, Cal Ripken Jr. One copy will be randomized among the 5 players currently signed up (taking my team out of the equation). The second copy will be randomized among the 6 teams that join later.

Not everybody collects signed books but how can you turn down a Hall of Fame autograph? I don't recommend destroying signed 1st editions (actually I'm against it) but if books aren't you're thing, they are nice bold signatures that would make pretty decent cuts for a different project. And worst case scenario, you could probably make you're buy-in back by selling it on ebay.

Next, I am guaranteeing a "hit" from your favorite team, just for joining. And by hit, I mean a relic or an autograph. I will comb through my personal collection to find something. If I don't have something already, I have a fairly large semi annual card show coming nearby in the beginning of April. By then I'll know who is signed up and an idea of what teams I'll be looking for so it works out perfectly.

I have also decided to add a prize for the team who is leading the overall standings at the All-Star break. I haven't decided what it will be yet but should be able to find something at the card show if not in the meantime.

So in summary, for $15, you'll get an autograph or relic from your favorite team. On top of that you'll have the opportunity to win one of the above Ripken books. Plus, all the blasters and repacks that are available to top finishers and category winners.

I'm open to suggestions on other prizes too.

Leave a comment, send me an email, do what you got to do because draft day is coming! Let's see if we can get this filled by Monday, otherwise I will open it up to outside the blogging community.

For more details on the league, click here.


  1. Thanks for all effort to get this league going. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. I'm in if there's still room. I'll send you an e-mail.