Sunday, March 17, 2013

Repack Sundays! - Nelson Santovenia Hot Box?

I've broken a few of these repack boxes in the last couple of weeks and decided last week that I was going to make this a regular feature. There hasn't been anything eartch shattering in them but they are a great trip down memory lane. 

As usual there are 4 unopened packs and 100 random cards in the box for $4.99 from my local Five Below store.

After a bunch of these 2008 Upper Deck and 2007 Fleer Ultra packs, I might have to look and see how close I am to completing these sets. Not the most cost efficient way to do it, but pretty fun.

Cubs 3B Aramis Ramirez, A's rookie Jerry Blevins, Starquest Michael Young
Feel the Game Jonathan Papelbon insert (non relic, so I can't "feel" the game.
Starquest Albert Pujols, former Cub Milton Bradley

There wasn't much of note in the 1989 Topps pack this time around, but like the others, I should look to see how close I am to putting a set together. I have a complete one from my childhood somewhere but I'm guessing the centering on cards is pretty bad, there's probably gum stains and soft corners. These jumbo packs have no gum and the cards are in pretty good shape.

This card was one to have back in 1989
These two combined for 34 wins in 1989!
Onto the miscellaneous 100 cards. Lots of variety as far as sets and years go and a bunch of former and future Cubs this time around.

Some actual Cubs:

As mentioned in the title, this was a Nelson Santovenia hot box! The two Topps cards came in the jumbo pack while the Donruss came amongst the assorted miscelleaneous cards.

And for good measure:
Some awesome 80s eyewear and 'staches.


  1. If you decide to put together another '89 Topps set, let me know! I've duplicates of those coming out of my ears. (Not literally, of course. That would be painful, because the corners on mine are not rounded.)

  2. I rally want those Nelson Santovenia cards. Wait, not I don't.