Sunday, March 24, 2013

Repack Sundays!

I'm back again with another $5 repack box. As usual there were 4 unopened packs plus a random 100 cards. Here are some of the notables.

Nothing huge in the Upper Deck packs but a few ones that were new to me. Definitely going to get things in order and figure out how close I am to a set. These are a Matt Holliday and Derek Jeter Starquest and a Joe Koshansky (?) rookie card. 

As far as base cards go, we have a Cub hopeful in Dontrelle Willis, a current Cub in Matt Garza and a former Cub in Carlos Zambrano. There was nothing of note in the Fleer Ultra pack that I haven't already shown (Piazza as a A for example).

There a couple of interesting things in the jumbo 1989 Topps pack. Pulled two Bryan Harveys and two mustachioed Fernando Valenzuelas. All four were spaced out through the pack.

Former and future Cubs 
Pretty sure this is new Cubs coach Rob Deer

How many of one player before it is a hot pack?
Notable youngsters
Of Cubs note, Melido Perez is the cousin of former Cubs pitcher Yorkis Perez. And according to Wikipedia, Gary Sheffield played on a Little League All-Star team with former #1 overall Cubs draft pick Ty Griffin.

On to the random 100 cards. First the Cubs:

Two members of the Boys of Zimmer and the 1985 Topps Dave Owen is a nicely centered upgrade to the one I already had. Nice!

A couple of former and future Cubs. The DeShields is a candidate for some further investigation into figuring out which game that came from. 

The card not only has Future Stars (ok, not really) but features one Future Cub. This also doubles as the oldest card in the box, a 1982 Topps.

These cards of Dave Martinez show him as both a former and future Cub. He was drafted by the Cubs and played for them from 1986-1988. He bounced around awhile before returning to the Cubs as one of the four teams he played for in 2000. 

I vaguely remember somebody writing about red shirt Expos but can't place where. If you know who you are, I'm putting this here for you! I think the Kevin Witt card is the first minor league card I've pulled in the several repacks I've opened. Witt played for four teams over parts of five seasons that totaled up to just under one full season. 

This box was loaded with 1992 Fleer. I would guess about 20-25 cards were from this set. When I first saw this Ramon Martinez and Ozzie Guillen card, my first thought was there was no way these guys were teenagers. Well, I was right. The were mid-20s when this photo was taken but the blurb on the back talks about how they worked there way up through the system when they were teenagers. A bit misleading, but whatever.

This last card is pretty cool. Aside form the writing, everything to the left of the yellow half circle is transparent. The card is also 2-3x thicker than a normal card with the player photo being another level out of the card. Despite the 2001 designation next to the EX logo in the upper left corner, the card is from 1998.


  1. I love repack Sundays.

    Is that Tom Glavine being forced out by Deshields?

    1. Glad to hear it! They are fun to do, a trip down memory lane plus many cards I hadn't seen before.

      It is Glavine, which led me to think this game was findable.