Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some More New Customs

I've been working on a new design that takes some of what I like from a couple of different places. For starters, I really like my ATCRCS design. I think it looks good with some of the older player photos which a more modern design can't handle well. Unfortunately, not every logo looks as good behind the player as the good ol' Cubbie C.

I kept the player photo in color. I moved some things around and put the logo in the bottom corner. Well, now the background looks a little bare so I threw in a little A&G paint splotch. I know what you're thinking.

"Matt, you don't even like A&G!"

And you're right...kind of. I like the vintage feel to it. I don't even mind the other sports/non sports people thrown in every once in a while. But I don't particularly care for the ornate borders or any of the inanimate object or animal inserts. So I'll just stick to the Cubs from the A&G set.

But when I make my own, I can pick who I want to make. Most of these following players will be at a sports card show in Chicago this upcoming weekend and I made some cards for another collector. They're an ATCRCS/A&G hybrid. Its kind of late for feedback because these are already printed and shipped, but if you have any, I'd be happy to listen for future renditions.

Let's start with some Cubs.

I took out the stats block and made the font bigger on the biography portion. While these aren't team cards, I only mentioned events or awards won while on the team pictured. That doesn't affect someone like Banks, but would with some of the later players. I won't show all the backs but the only big difference are team colors/logos and I used an MLB Debut date rather than Cubs Debut date.

 A couple of White Sox:

Some Hall of Famers:

Some football prospects:

Some Royals (and a former Cub):

And a Ranger:

Thoughts? Could use some help with a set name too. ATCRCS/A&G hybrid is a mouthful.


  1. They turned out great. I like the Billy Pierce. He was one of my Dad's favorites.

  2. I love these! If I could do stuff like this, I'd probably stop collecting baseball cards.

    Well, ok, probably not, but I'd be much cooler.

  3. Thanks guys! I started making customs mostly because there were guys who didn't have cards (minor leaguers) and it snowballed from there.

    While my collecting goals revolve around accumulating Cubs stuff, its hard not to appreciate some of these other players' accomplishments.

    Burroughs, Wilson, White and Hoyt all probably would have been "binder guys" back in the '80s. There's no arguing Robinson's or Te'o's notoriety today. I wasn't real familiar with Grant and Meyers but doing the research for the card back gave me a newfound appreciation.

    While not every picture works with every design, its nice to have a design where a lot of pictures do work.