Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Trade with 2 by 3 Heroes

I use the term "trade" loosely because I haven't sent anything in return yet. But last week sometime, Jeff over at 2 by 3 Heroes left a post offering up some of his 2013 dupes. I responded, asking him to check out my want list and promptly forgot about it. Less than a week later, a package arrived in the mail with an astounding 40+ cards off my want list! Here are some of the highlights:

A Wal-mart blue border and the Emerald Darwin Barney parallels!

The rest were all 2013 Topps set needs. When I first saw the 2013 design, I really liked it but expressed some concern that it wouldn't necessarily translate into a horizontal layout (my fave). But as I've been scanning in the cards, I've noticed a whole bunch of them. Is it my imagination or are there more than usual? Just in this trade batch alone (and not even counting the League Leaders cards I got) there were eight.

Anyone know if Ziegler is a side armer or a submariner?


Thanks again, Jeff!

I'm down to just needing twelve to finish off Series 1 (not counting the most shortest short print ever, #7) so take a look at my Want List for those and any of the Cubs parallels I still need if you think you can help. And yes, I know there is no number 7 this year. Thanks!

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  1. Ziegler is definitely submarine. Sidearmers are pretty much gone in the 'Bigs, but there are many in Asian leagues.