Saturday, March 23, 2013

3 Pennies and a Buck

Last weekend I did a few searches on eBay looking for a couple of parallels I still need and other cards for the collection. I stumbled across a seller who had a few listings that were ending within the hour with a starting price of just a penny...and no bids yet.

I've been on ebay long enough to know that prices can jump a whole lot in the final minute(s). It was kind of a weird time of night to end auctions so I browsed the seller's listings and left a penny bid on 5 of them. By the title, you can probably guess I won three of them. The buck references what I paid for shipping. Of the other two, one went for just the minimum bid nickel more while the other went for over a dollar.

The card that started me searching the seller's other listing? I would have been happy paying $1.01 for this card alone. Well maybe not happy, but content. A gold parallel Eury Perez, #0469/2013.

I wrote about why I'm collecting Eury Perez here. This card joins the purple and emerald parallels along with the base card. 

I've seen this Starlin Castro before and am pretty sure I have it already. I didn't have my checklist in front of me but for a penny and no increased shipping costs, I figured I'd bid. 

And last but not least, a little bit of Blue Jays trade bait. There wasn't anybody in particular in mind when I picked it up now that its in hand, it is already earmarked for someone. Not too bad for a penny. Another gold parallel, this time of Adeiny Hechavarria of the Toronto Blue Jays. Although he is a Marlin in the new Opening Day set.


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