Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Repack Box Break

My wife had to go to Five Below to get some trinkets/prizes for who knows what but the good news is, she came home with a little present for me!

I keep re-using the same photo of the box because they're all the same!
 For those unfamiliar with these repacks, I broke done two others boxes here and here.

There were three noteworthy cards in the 2007 Fleer Ultra pack which isn't too bad for a 5-card pack.:

Henn (Yankees Rookie), Garciaparra (former Cub), Jones (current Cub)
There were two 10-card packs of 2008 Upper Deck First Edition but nothing much there. Might have to see how big the set is because if I keep getting two packs per repack box, I'll be near a set in no time.

Kosuke Fukudome (Cubs rookie), and the one-per-pack Starquests
Instead of a jumbo pack of 1989 like the first two boxes I opened, this one came with a jumbo pack of 1988 Topps. Nice change of pace!

Out with the old, in with the new?
This former Cubs announcer and incoming Cubs announcer were back to back in the pack. Foreshadowing from 25 years ago?!?

Only Cub in pack
Former and future Cubs
Some base card HOFers
I miss these kinds of "inserts"
 Anybody remember if this is the corrected Al Leiter card or the error? I'm too lazy to actually look it up.

Check out my friends new blog League Leader in Italics!  Perfect tie-in!
Topps All-Star Rookie Mike Greenwell, 1987 Rookies insert Luis Polonia
On to the random miscellaneous 100 card pack:

Totally 90's!
HOFer, The Cobra and the oldest card in the pack
Former Cubs
Three Cubs in the assortment
Only other Cub
Fancy card that actually scanned decently
An odd layout and an awkward pose

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  1. The fact that the Brenly and DeShaies showed up back-to-pack in your repack is a bit eerie.

    And you have the corrected version of that '88 Topps Leiter.