Saturday, January 12, 2013

Repack Box Break Part II

Yesterday I mentioned that I picked up a $5 repack box that contained 4 random unopened packs plus an assortment of 100 cards.

I must say that while the quality of players among the 100 cards wasn't spectacular, I thought the variety of players and brands was pretty good. I definitely pull from the major brands like Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Upper Deck and Score. But there was also one from Sportsflics, some Leaf, some Traded, some Pinnacle, etc.

Not much to comment on other than the captions. Here a some of the highlights (if I can call them that):
Oldest cards in box, a pair of 1981 Topps Twins
Couple of future Cubs known more for these teams
A future Cub in WIlliams and a former & future Cub in Girardi
Doug Dascenzo 1991 Topps
Jody Davis and 2013 WGN broadcatser Jim Deshaies. 
I vaguely remember this Jim Deshaies Record Breaker card. As a "not an Astros" fan I never paid much attention to it but apparently he struck out the first 8 batters in a game in 1986. The official record was 9 done back in the 1880's but Topps decided 8 in the "modern era" was good enough. I'd like to see Record Breakers make a comeback but without going off on a PEDs tangent, I don't really see that happening.

So I was a little dissapointed by the Cubs representation overall in this box but it probably averaged out about right, plus or minus one or two. I do remember thinking it was a little Twins, A's and Blue Jays heavy.

Most of the cards were in pretty good shape (even those 1981 Twins) although some did have some dinged corners (see the bottom left corner of the Deshaies). I would probably take a gamble on one of these again but won't necessarily seek them out. I think the $5 was good enough to tide me over until the 2013s come out.

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