Sunday, January 6, 2013

Darwin Barney 2011 Topps Chrome

While searching the interwebs for photos to use in my customs, I've come across some that were used by the "real" card companies too! A couple of finds had me wondering again what the guys at Topps were thinking when they chose the photos. I found enough that I think I can make this a semi-regular topic.

2011 Topps Chrome Darwin Barney
First glance at the Chrome card from 2011. Looks like Barney made a diving stab at a ball and came up with it. As far as rookies go with 30 MLB games under their belt, its not too bad. Eyes are closed, that's a little weird. But this future Gold Glove effort still probably trumps your standard batting or swinging pose.

First glance at full picture. Oh. Looks like a Michael Bourn stolen base. Still a good effort by Barney on the play which looks to be an errant throw from the catcher rather than the previously thought snagging of a line drive. Further sleuthing puts the game on September 7, 2010. It is indeed a stolen base by Michael Bourn and the throw came from catcher Koyie Hill. If you follow Barney's glove down to Bourn's back and compare that to the card, you can see Bourn was left off the card in favor of some more outfield grass. This creative editing further added to the illusion of catching a batted ball rather than the bad throw.

While the card itself didn't turn out horrible, you have to wonder why they thought this original photo would make a good baseball card. 

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  1. Now you need to go on a mission and get every version of this card to do a matted piece like the Campana one you have planned.