Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jim Sundberg

To be honest, the thing I remember most about Jim Sundberg's playing time with the Cubs is the confusion it caused broadcaster Harry Caray. With Ryne Sandberg and Scott Sanderson also playing for the Cubs at the time, he would, on occasion mix up the names. I remember watching a game live at least once when this happened, but when these stories are retold they seem to be greatly exaggerated as to the frequency of the incidents.

Jim Sundberg was a catcher and as a lefty myself, that was a position I never associated with growing up. I played every other position but there was never a left-handed catcher's mitt for me to use. I probably would have liked being involved in every play but I also didn't have the bat typically associated with the position. I was more of the scrappy Ichiro type, getting on base and into scoring position.

With the exception of Jody Davis, it seemed to be kind of a rotating door behind the plate for a while. Ron Hassey. Steve Lake. Joe Girardi. Damon Berryhill. Rick Wrona. Hector Villanueva. Jim Sundberg. Like most people, I associate Sundberg more with the Rangers, but as the blog says, Once a Cub...Always a Cub.

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