Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mike Bielecki - 1991 Topps Desert Shield

Right after I stated my resolutions for the new year, I did what most people do. I got right on them. And the results are starting to trickle in. Nothing like a little positive reinforcement to keep the train rolling!

My last stated goal involved completing the 1991 Desert Shield Cubs team set. There are a few lots here and there on ebay but with almost a full year to meet the goal, I have the luxury of being a little picky with this team set. While I don't want them graded, I am on the lookout for fairly well-centered copies with sharp corners. This one didn't scan as well but it looks great in person.

1991 Topps Desert Shield Mike Bielecki
A quick search yielded this Mike Bielecki. I wanted to get this one pretty early since I know he is a pretty good signer. Once I knock out his ATCRCS card, I will send both of them out to add to each respective collection. This card is  the 8th of 32 I've accumulated for the set. A quarter of the way there!

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  1. Good looking card. Looks as though he's throwing a screwball with that release.