Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rick Wrona

I knew it would happen one of these days. Despite all of the precautions and re-writes I do to make sure my information is accurate, I made a mistake in one of my blurbs. Frustrated. Embarrassed. Blurg.

This is the final card of the four I sent in to the fundraiser/private signing event. Rick Wrona wasn't able to make it to the event but Robert (the guy who did a lot of the work getting everything signed for me and countless others) went above and beyond, meeting with Wrona a few days later. This extra time probably allowed Wrona to actually read the back blurb and note the mistake. Which he did. And initialed his correction, haha.

But to be fair, we were both slightly wrong. My blurb was perfectly fine up until the last line where I made the claim that that particular game clinched the National League for the Cubs. Wrona did hit a double and later scored the game winning run in that game on September 11, 1989 against the Montreal Expos.

It was a couple of weeks later though that the Cubs clinched the division, also against the Expos. Silly me for thinking the Cubs could clinch a division that early in the season. Wrona was correct that he did hit a triple in that game but he drove in a run rather than scoring the winning run.

Oh yeah, you might want to see the actual autograph too, right?

I have decided to rewrite/correct the blurb and send it TTM with a few extras for him to keep. I'll post an update when/if I get something back.


  1. I think its great that he corrected the card himself....I'd keep that one and not bother with the correction....then you'll be just like all the other card manufacturers!

  2. Agreed. I think the correction adds to how cool that card is. Don't change a thing!

  3. If his correction was correct, I would say "my bad" and leave well enough alone. But the perfectionist in me wants all the information to be factual.

    But I am definitely going to keep it. Makes for a good story and will remind me to be a little more vigilant when double checking the backs.