Friday, January 11, 2013

Repack Box Break

Right before Christmas, I popped into a store called Five Below to pick up some stocking stuffers. For those unfamiliar with it, the store is a pricier version of a dollar store where everything is, funnily enough, $5 or less. They had a small endcap worth of miscellaneous cards ranging from sports to pop culture to gaming but it looked pretty picked over so I refrained from picking anything up.

Earlier this week, I was back in the strip mall where the store was located so I decided to take another look. The store was much more organized and looked like just about everything had been replenished. The selection and price point (for what they were) weren't that great but I did see a couple of repack boxes. Previously, the only other place I had seen repack boxes was Wal-Mart or Target. And those were $20 for 20 packs.
Repack box
This box offered 4 random unopened packs plus 100 random other cards for $4.99. So right away we're looking at less than nickel per card. Not too shabby.
Unopened Packs
My unopened packs were a 5-card pack of 2007 Fleer Ultra, a 10-card pack of 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update, a 10-card pack of Upper Deck First Edition and a 51-card 1989 Topps Jumbo Pak. So I'm up to 176 cards, bringing it down to just under 3 cents per card. 

Unfortunately, I got a ton of 3 cent cards. The Upper Deck packs guaranteed a Starquest card per pack and mine were both Vladimir Guerreros. One pack yielded a Johnny Cueto RC while the other was a Jeff Clement RC. And the best card out of the Fleer Ultra pack was the Matt Chico rookie. The only Cubs tie-in for those 3 packs was the Andy Sonnanstine. He signed with the Cubs during the off season last year but after not making the team out of Spring Training, he elected free agency rather go to Triple-A Iowa. The way the Cubs handled their roster this past season, he easily could have been the 54th player to suit up for them though.

The 1989 Jumbo Pak was a little more Cubs/future Cubs friendly though. The pack was 50 base cards plus one 1988 Rookies card from the 22 card set. As you can see above, I was lucky enough to get a Cub. I have definitely seen this Damon Berryhill card before but don't think I had it in my collection so I'm pleased with that pull. The only other Cubs card was this Pat Perry. 

As for future Cubs, neither of these guys played for the Cubs but Alan Trammell was a coach for a couple of seasons before joining former Tigers teammate Kirk Gibson out in Arizona. And Jim Deshaies is replacing Bob Brenly in the WGN broadcast booth for the upcoming season.

Tomorrow, I'll have more scans from the selection of 100 random cards. A lot of 3 cent cards but also a trip done memory lane from the junk wax era.

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  1. My Five Below never has any of the baseball repacks, so I have yet to indulge. Still - not too shabby.