Saturday, January 19, 2013

Signature Saturday - Tony Campana

For those tired of me talking about Tony Campana, you may want to skip this post. There's a lot of reading but also a lot of pictures!

So what would you do if you found out your favorite (current) player was offering a free signing, but it was almost 500 miles away? Would you make the trip? Would you just say, oh well, maybe next time? Well if you're me, you'd find somebody who was going and try to piggyback a few things onto their stuff.

I was just about to post a request on the SCN message board to see if anybody was going when, lo and behold, somebody preemptively made a post offering help! As I said, it was a free signing but I offered a little something extra for his time and effort and we struck a deal.

The signing was in Knoxville, TN where Campana played AA ball with the Tennessee Smokies. It was free autographs from a player who has a small cult following so I had no idea how big the crowd would be. A list of things immediately sprung to mind to get signed but I couldn't choose. I ended up sending a bunch of items and figured I'd be happy with whatever came back.

And boy am I happy! You've seen these enough on this blog so I won't go into too much detail here. These are Tony's two Topps base cards.

Sticking with cards, below are a couple of my Tony Campana custom cards. The Pass custom on the left has been in my blog header for a couple of weeks now. The black shadow on the left side of the card is from the scan. There's a slight curvature of the card due to it being printed on photo paper. The Hustle, Not Muscle card was recently featured here on the blog and talks about Campana's only MLB home run so far, an inside the park job.

This is the third version of a Tony Campana card from the 2012 Team Set that I've gotten signed but it was actually the first one I made. After realizing, he basically had the same pose on his two Topps cards, I decided to make one of him batting instead. And also one of him running the bases. But this one had such a nice signing area, I decided to send it too.

Another thing I mentioned fairly recently was trying to get an 8x10 signed from the pictures used on Campana's Topps cards. Misson accomplished! I went with the vertical option for both and am excited with how they turned out. Not sure when I'll get these framed up because that project will probably cost a whole lot more than I spent gathering all the pieces!

I also picked up two more 8x10's. The first one is from Campana's 1st MLB home run and is the same photo I used in the custom card. This is the only piece I wanted an inscription on (something denoting the feat) but I can't really complain about a free signing, right? Looks good anyway!

This last 8x10 just looked like a fun picture. Nothing much to add, just really liked it.

Some of you may remember that I am slowly but surely adding ice cream helmets signed by "significant" Cubs players. I'm pretty sure all of the ones I have gotten have won some kind of award or honor while with the Cubs. All-Star. Gold Glove. HOF. But I'm also pretty sure being considered a favorite player is "significant" enough. It's my collection, I make the rules, so shutup already!

And last but not least, we have a staple to most autograph collections, a signed baseball. I have a few signed baseballs but not too many of them survived one of my purges. The balls tend to discolor or the ink fades or bleeds so I've stayed away from getting any new ones. This is an official Major League Baseball signed in blue ink so I'm hoping this one holds up.

Anybody else have multiple autographs from one player of the non-certified variety? I have many more Ryne Sandberg autographs but most of them are certified cards from packs.

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  1. I don't myself but I know that Brian at 30 Year Old Cardboard has a whole bunch of Andre Dawson stuff -- a whole bunch.