Saturday, May 17, 2014

ERROR: 1989 Fleer #440 Manny Trillo

One of the perks of slowly but surely loading my collection onto Zistle is that I am learning about all kinds of error cards that I didn't know existed. Thanks to some other collectors who have maintained pretty detailed checklists, I've already been able to show off 1990 Score Lloyd McClendon and 1988 Fleer Keith Moreland cards I found in my collection.

Enter this 1989 Fleer card of Manny Trillo.

Aside from the top/bottom centering (not my crop job) the fronts are identical. 

There error shows up on the back in the demographics box. The corrected card on the left says that Trillo throws with his "Right" while the error says he throws "Rig..."

Like the other errors, I don't really remember which I had in my official collection and which was in my extras box. And again, it's nice to be able to add to my collection from within my collection.

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