Saturday, April 5, 2014

Backside Appreciation Part 4

In this running theme, I take a quick look at the less commonly seen part of a baseball card, the backside. It could be something informative that caught my eye in a blurb. It could be funny. It could just be a really nice layout.

Today's card is an error (or corrected version) that I didn't even know I had. Well, I knew I had the card, I just didn't know there was an error associated with it. When adding my collection to Zistle, I noticed two listings for the 1990 Score Lloyd McClendon card. Luckily, it also told me what the error was. Here are the two side by side, see if you can spot the difference...

Corrected version on the left, Error on the right
At this point, I don't remember which I had in my collection and which I had in my extras box. I'm just glad that I did end up having them both already. Not that my retirement will hinge on whether or not I had a 1990 Score Lloyd McClendon error, but it's kind of cool to add to my collection from within my collection.

Give up? Or just want to confirm your answer? Scroll down...

Sorry, just wanted to make sure the answer wasn't on the same screen for those who were actually looking and not skipping ahead to the answer.

During McClendon's time with the Cubs (1989-90), he wore #10. He was one of ten to wear it after Ron Santo, but before the Cubs decided to retire it. Fellow catcher, Rick Wrona wore #1 during that time, the number erroneously credited to McClendon.

I don't know that I can talk rarity on junk wax but I have no idea how soon Score corrected their mistake. There are a couple of each variation on eBay for around a buck, but none have sold recently. I bought a lot of Score back in the day and would be willing to bet these are both from my childhood collection.

McClendon has Seattle off to a decent start this year. May he can pull a Pete Carroll and win Seattle another championship and I can retire on a Lloyd McClendon error card! And he'd be living up to his Legendary Lloyd nickname...

Here's the front for those curious:

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