Saturday, April 12, 2014

Break Loot from the Sky Box Part 3

Today I’m back with some more new to me cards from the charity break Chris over at View from the Sky Box ran a little while back.

In 2011, I was still finding my way back into the hobby but I wasn’t paying much attention to the unlicensed stuff. So when I saw Chris had included 2011 Playoff Contenders from Panini as one of his boxes, off the top of my head, I was pretty sure I didn’t have anything from that set. As it turns out, I was wrong but that’s ok.

2011 Playoff Contender Starlin Castro
The lone Cubs player in the 50 card set was Starlin Castro, a card that had indeed made its way into my collection somewhere along the way. I think I may have been buying high on anything/everything Starlin Castro back then. Whoops. And let me take the wind out of your sails by stealing your joke about lack of Cubs in the "Playoff Contender" set. Hardy har har. 

But the good news is that there was also a rookie/draft insert set that included a few Cubs prospects. I haven’t taken a look at the full checklist to know if I got a complete Cubs team set, but I did manage to get three up and comers.

In case you can read the foil-y names, from left to right we have Dan Vogelbach, Matt Szczur and Zeke DeVoss. 

And last but not least, my one big hit from the break came from this box as well.

I’m not real familiar with Dillon Maples other than recognizing him from the Bowman set in 2012. I did a little digging and found this nice write up from Bleed Cubbie Blue from back in January. Let’s hope he can get healthy and come back strong!

Thanks again for the break, Chris!

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  1. Dillon Maples is one of my favorite minor league players. He has big time potential if he can 1. stay healthy and 2. figure out how to command his pitches.

    The Cubs front office plan on keeping him as a starter this season, but I don't know if he'll stick in that role. Starting, for now, may be a great way to speed up his development, but I think he has set-up man or closer potential.

    Nice auto!